Transnomia Institute

Transnomia is a research institute created by Diego Agulló and Dmitry Paranyushkin dedicated to the study of unstable states of consciousness, suspense in perception, and floating signifiers.

The meaning of the word “Transnomia” relates to the condition marked by value instability, which arises during transition between the different, often contradicting systems of beliefs. Transnomia institute was established to explore this condition and to redefine the relationship we have to those critical transitionary states.

It is time to accept that what we refer to as “crisis” is not a temporary break from normality. In fact, it is a permanent condition of the ever-changing world. Transnomia is a practice of embracing the crisis and reaping the potential for a change that it carries within itself.

This state has an immense potential for creativity. Nothing is defined and the future is open. The wandering movement allows one to circulate freely in space. There are no rules, only the forces of gravity emanated by all the constellations one could possibly join. During the transitions things change faster. The ground is moveable, so there’s no predictable pattern anymore.

Transnomia occurs when one leaves the predictable old course of events without joining a new one yet. The time between jobs, ways of life, girlfriends and boyfriends, the period of adolescence, mid-life crisis, financial instability, market fluctuations, water turning into steam and other physical processes, transitionary political states.


Any critical state or a breaking point contains a potential for a change. Crisis, then, is the journey between the islands of stability, which are similar to so-called “strange attractors” in a chaotic space. The random movement in between these islands of stability, constellations, strange attractors, patterns or habits is the journey of Transnomia. It is a random wandering movement through space, a temporary relief from any obligation, ethics, belief, or definition.

It is of utmost importance to know how to navigate in that space of uncertainty. To know how to embrace the dynamics of chaos and give oneself up to the change. The problems appear only when we fight against this natural dynamics, which is so much more powerful than any conscious decision to stop it. Instead, one can revel in this transitionary Transnomic state and accept it as an opportunity to find inner resonance with the chaotic nature of immanent being.

In Transnomia Foundation we develop the discourse and practices that help one give into the Transnomic state. We create the conditions for the emergence of pre-dispositional attitude that makes one agile in chaos, that enables one to make sudden leaps and embrace sudden changes. Transnomia is about the constant change of identity as an ongoing practice of rebuilding oneself. It is a practice of being prepared to leave at any moment while avoiding the arrival, it is a skill of enjoying the journey without the destination and knowing how to accept the ever-changing nature of anything that is defined.


We operate a world-wide de-centralized support network where members are invited to share their experiences of asymptotic suspension and floating signification under our strict supervision. We also provide Transnomia-certified Meta Stable (TM) products and services in order to generate income for our for-profit venture. Meta-Stable seal is only given out to the highest quality products that allow for Transnomic use that are personally tested by us.

In order to promote Transnomia, we do live presentations mainly in the arts, business and conference contexts, such as PAF (Performing Arts Forum), St Louis Church, Impulstanz, Tanztage, Tanznacht, Tanzabend, Sophiensaele, Kunstfabrik, TAMTAMTAM, Apple, Gasag, and Vattenfall.


Critical states are full of questions. A question opens a whole new horizon for new landscapes to appear. There is definitely a large proportion of hesitation during establishing these coming horizons. During transitionary states things get in a muddle producing the confusion of not being able to determine yet final resolutions. During this hesitation the virtue of patience will be required.

Transnomia demands to improve a set of skills that will allow you to be submerged into the multitude of meanings without this becoming unbearable. Crisis is an opportunity for new connections to happen. The ground is instable and under a constant process of transformation. The old system can be recreated by merely reconfiguring the old patterns and trying out new combinations. However, since recycling is definitely an option, often it just a lazy choice. On the other hand it is not about starting from scratch. It will be necessary to combine in a different constelation the main elements or principles that constituted the old habits. During transnomia there is no recognizable pattern to follow and neither a the existance of a plan or strategy will help. Only directions determined by a driving force will define the path that has to be follow. Transporting from the old system only what can be necessary and sacrificing everything that can represent a burden while traveling on quicksand.

Transitions will require a certain determination to execute all the decisions that are needed. Before that, a process of constant negotiation will gradually conform a specific sensibility for things to change. Predisposition and attitude will allow the resolution to arrive while becoming extra sensitive to the way signs affect us. Being extra susceptible to interpret the signs as signs for change. Of course it might happen during a panic attack the temptation to turn back and return to the old system or to end up performing the old patterns again and re-establishing the old order. Being patience is one of the skills during transnomia. To consider wisely all reasons for keep on moving and being open for new adventures might not be enough. It will be required a self instructive process, educating the education, being the apprentice. The rotation is the way of looking at things from different perspectives, not expecting that things will move by themselves but rather performing the movement, rotating the rotation.

Uncertainty and Instability will take us into a series of speculations in order to explore the possibilities within the new horizon. Imagination as another driving force that designs any future adventure as something appealing. One’s own identity must be transformed and this will be a sign that confirms the state of transnomia, questioning one’s own subjectivity while complicating it towards unknown realizations.