Events are an occasion to prefigure and enact / embody OTHER conditions for:

  • Relating to each: experimenting on different ways of being with other: modes of organization and social relationships
  • Understanding our subjectivities: during the event we can reinforce our subjectivities through different criteria
  • To propose other criteria for curating
  • An occasion to say WE
  • A frame for practicing / exercising each other



CUE has been happening in Berlin since march 2007. Now, more than eight years later, after more than 60 editions in Berlin and more than 50 editions in other cities in Europe, I am still wondering what is it about; the task of coming up with a clear definition has not been completed yet. During this 5 years I can distinguish 3 phases on my understanding of CUE. At the beginning the idea was closer to an interdisciplinary improvisation, a kind of happening that included any spontaneous expression. Later I started to put more attention on the behaviour and how people bring themselves into play through a certain attitude of abandoning the social codes and habits while dissolving themselves into something such as an anarchic party or kindergarten. Today I understand CUE through the notion of awareness and the conditions of possibility for an event to happen.


DANCING PLAGUE, THE MAKING OFF 31st March 2016, Madrid.
In collaboration with Juan Perno, Jorge Ruiz Abánades and Teatro Pradillo.



PINPOINT is a research project in the format of an internet TV programe, set within intersecting art-scenes of Berlin. Its mission is to investigate ethical agency in times of creative capitalism. Why do we do what we do? What moves us? Is it only one, or several forces? Together with invited guests and experts, each episode tackles such questions, and many more – problematizing, shaking and tearing them apart, producing creative agreements and disagreements.

A project by Agata Siniarska and Diego Agulló in collaboration with Darius Bogdanowicz, Ania Nowak.


A long durational event that explores bureaucracy as a choreographical principle to set into motion a participatory event. A project by Diego Agulló, Clément Layes, Dmitry Paranyushkin, Peter Stamer; Presented at Direktorenhaus, Berlin, Flutgraben Berlin, Tanznacht Berlin 2012, Agora Collective Neukölln 2013, Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014.


3AM WITH RECKLESS ABANDON 28 Feb 2016 at Flutgraben Berlin.
Is it possible to abandon completely something? Who dares to say “never again”?