Wit: the obssesion of discovering secret affinities

To be suddenly tuned with the secret profound level of reality while feeling the priviledge of belonging to a secret complicty with the world.

What does “wit” mean?:

– An intellectual game of fantastic associations and imaginary combinations between what appeared to be different and now seems to be surprisingly connected and evokes and pleasure of having discovered a secret affinity in some profound level of reality

– The ability to discover secret new associations that evokes a pleasant surprise

– In relation to theory: to have seen, mental capacity to see and to know and to understand.

– To catch a hidden message that has the power to evoke laughter

– A special skill to detect a mysterious new friendship between two things that we not related at first sight

– A state of alertness and keenness to combine what is not usually connected and that generates enjoyment of the mind

– The acute perception to render visible the sympathy between two things that were not supposed to fit together and this realization is similar to catch a joke.