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On Discord (workshop)

Workshop # 2ON DISCORD
or how to embrace dissonances

from 8th May until 12th May 2012


Concept by Diego Agulló and Dmitry Paranyushkin www.noduslabs.com

Idea: to research together on concepts such as: discord, disagreement, conflict, dissonances, disparity, dissimilarity.

We propose to remove the idealistic veil from the ideas of community and collaboration.

Equality, mutual understanding, and commonality simply direct attention away from the
differences between individuals (Young 1990). Moreover, they disable community by
encouraging each member to find the lowest common denominator in their expression.
The differences and gaps in understanding can also be the source of innovation (Burt
2004). Every community can be represented as a network and it is exactly these
differences that propel the nodes to interact. The more misunderstanding and conflict
there is, the more bridges there are to be built, to be crossed, and to be burnt again. War
evokes action and we want to make an experiment in creating a temporary community
based on the idea of conflict as the driving force for each individual’s personal
The question behind is how to understand community accepting dissonances and
differences? When harmony becomes a forgotten convention, because it produces the
illussion of unity, we consider it crucial to explore the tension of dissonances as a driving
force for creation. In other words, we don´t believe that the process of working together
has to be motivated through certain purpose of finding a final agreement where all the
parts can feel satisfied and recognize on the decision made. We are interested on
exploring the potentiality that resides on discord and to bring into play subjects with
countersubjects on a syncopated rhythm.
We will set up a situation where the participants can first identify their
differences and uncommon points. They can then use the community as a fertile ground
to develop these differences even further in their specificity and in their insistent drive to
be something else.
We will use network analysis methodology to model a social-semantic network based on
the interactions between the participants. We will then produce an interactive network
diagram that will be available to everyone where they can see the clusters of ideas and
people, the gaps and structural holes between them. This diagram will be updated as we
go in order to accommodate for the rising differences or similarities produced as a result
of our co-interaction.
This methodology was developed by Berlin-based Nodus Labs and was implemented
during the SI residency at Les Ballets C de la B in 2010 (see the image below). While the
objective of that project was to find the similarities and bridges, we will focus this time on
finding gaps and structural holes.
The final presentation will be called The Grosse Fugue , simultaneity of subjects in
continuous variation and fragmentation without harmonic requirements.


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