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Workshop on Crossing Boundaries


October/November 2013. Together with Lea Martini. Part of SMASH Intensive Program: http://www.smash-berlin.com

FLOW_CHART_mission of theory

The skill that belongs to the cross-dilettantes is the ability of transversality… becoming insect to carry the pollen between different systems, but also the ability of infiltration…becoming spy to absorb knowledge
This module proposes an open research and laboratory on the topics of cross-disciplinarity, dilettantism and hybrid performance. Without distinguishing between theory and practice we will display a mixed domain of exercises in order to elaborate on a landscape of diverse concepts and approaches. This will allow us to reflect on what constitutes our specificity as individuals and as a group.


Terms such as transversality, networking and versatility have become key words to understand the notion of the new worker in the contemporary professional field. This is why we will take as a paradigm the role of the ‘dilettante’, which – as opposed to the amateur – is free from negative connotations, and does not measure its success according to a framework defined by a professional field but rather operates like a cross-pollinator. The dilettante functions as an insect that transfers the pollen from one flower to another allowing fertilization. The dilettante stimulates influence among diverse elements, it is the one who has the agility to move across, to mix up and fertilize but also to become a pirate, steal knowledge and work as a virus producing contagions and interferences. A dilettante works as an interface that drills holes allowing transpiration between systems to take place, and therefore permitting the possibility for interchange. It is a matter of fact that methods, habits, knowledge and tricks will be exported from one domain to another.

Working together on a series of game-like tasks we will attempt to articulate performative situations in order to decide for ourselves what is of value, what is the practice of self-education and self-valorization; how self-realization implies to be immersed in a constant learning process which is actually a process of absorption. The bigger one’s hunger, the richer the learning.

As for the physical practice we will explore – through durational movement sessions – how the question of crossing boundaries can be brought to the innermost matter of our body. We will draw our scores from a range of diverse body practices like the dancing plague, dynamic meditation, Kundalini yoga, automatic talking, celestial praying, running. Through collective excesses of movement and language we will seek to create a sphere of compelling contagiousness and interference that can reach even the layers of particles and cells.

Participants will decide themselves which tools to use to generate material. You will be encouraged to bring all what is needed, as the module is definitely geared towards creation of personal work. The third and last week of this module functions as an open container for you to keep developing your own ideas in collaborative processes with the others – with the active support of the teachers’ mentorship.