Smash Theory Sessions

The series of theory sessions took place Sundays from 13 Oct – 17 Nov 2013 at AGORA

For each edition we  invited guests from philosophy, science and art to meet on a crossroad and to share their practices and working methodologies. The idea of each session was
to create gatherings, testing new propositions of formats/ contexts/ dynamics/ tools in order to challenge the classical academic notion of the seminar or lecture.

The sessions applied diverse experiments involving playfulness, participation, interaction in order to present “theory” as a collective practice based on everyone´s experiences.

The goal was not to resolve the emerging problems but rather to plunge ourselves into the complexity of a situation where multiple positions come into play producing collisions, interferences, critical junctures and loss of orientation.

theroy session


13 Oct (17.00 – open end):
Annette Matthias + Javier Moral
“Self awareness: a warm up for being world.”

20 Oct (17.00 – open end):
Jessy Tuddenhamm + Svenja Köhne
“Kinesthetic Empathy: If I can feel your dance…”

27 Oct (17.30 – open end):
Victoria Perez Royo + Arantxa Martinez
“Undressing the act of looking. Intermediaries of the visual and sensorial reorganization.”

03 Nov (17.00 – open end):
Philipp Kleinmichel + Ulrike Wörner
“Simultaneity and the Spirit of Networks.”

10 Nov (17.00 – open end):
Jon Liinason + Martin Cisielski
“Ethics and Innovation: facilitating a meeting between art, business and research.”

17 Nov (17.00 – open end):
Paula Kramer + Marc Carrera + Michael Neuber
“Constructing bodies in a cul de sac: evoking the abstract or provoking the explicitness?”