Lecture at WORK IT OUT workshop, Helsinki.

Work It Out is a five-day workshop event that evolves around questions about showing/performing contemporary art. Different approaches and questions are tested in practice through collective work. Before each
working session there will be an introduction/presentation for stimulating the appearance of the works in time and space. The focus of the workshop will be on the question of what defines the meaning of the artwork/act: is it time, space or other works around it? Is it the artist, curator, institution or the audience who dominates it?
The invited presenters are artist Diego Agulló, curator Clare Butcher, choreographer and artist Maija Hirvanen and curators/organizers from One Night Only gallery.


Clare Butcher, 30th of October 10am-12am
Maija Hirvanen, 31st of October 10am-12am
One Night Only, 1st of November 10am-12am
Diego Agulló, 2nd of November 10am-12am

Each participant brings their own artwork/act in the workshop. The aim is to make connections between the different practices and search for new ways of presenting/performing/showing performing arts and contemporary art, so the works participating can be diverse.
There will be a publication done of the workshop based on the questions and situations that emerged in the process.
Work It Out is organized by Saara Hannus, Satu Herrala, Miina Hujala and Jussi Koitela. Supported by University of the Arts Helsinki.

diego agulló

diego agulló