Ballein: danger, dance and affirmative forces

This exercise has been developed since 2013 in different contexts and together with participants from laboratory at LOTE in Sao Paolo, workshop at Teatro Pradillo Madrid, workshop at Smash Berlin and Julia Plawgo and Negroma at Pact Zollverein residency .

This exercise proposes a dance detonator and it consists on two parts: the first part is about triggering the dance as a reaction to the danger of getting hit by a projectile while being blindfolded. One group throws a projectile in order to hit blindfolded bodies. The impact is unexpected. The second part of the exercise is about embodiment: dance not any longer as a reaction to danger but rather as an affirmative force. The research can be developed as movement research establishing a common quality on the physicality of a collective body.




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Lecture at Notafe Festival, Estonia, July 2014.

Lecture at Qué puede un cuerpo? May 2016. La Casa Encendida Madrid. Cutared by Pay Rojo.