Collective bodies and dangerous dances: how to organize the unexpected? Lab at Lote Osso in Sao Paulo

During the workshops a frame is facilitated for a temporary collective body to engage in the process of dancing and choreographing a series of practical problems. The goal is not to solve the problems but rather to explore the multiple parameters that a set of problems consist of.

LABORATORY / INTERVENTION on collective bodies and dangerous dances: how to organize the unexpected?
LOTE OSSO, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Curated by Cristian Duarte. December 2015.


Participants: Alexandre Magno, Aline Bonamin, Artur Hiroyuki, Bianca Hisse, Bruno Freire, Bruno Levorin, Bruno Novais, Caio Zanuto, Clarice Lima, Clarissa Sacchelli, Cristian Duarte, Diego Agulló, Felipe Stocco, Fernando Gregório, Gabriel Fernandez Tolgyesi, Inês Nin, Isabella Gonçalves, Isadora Dantas, Isis Andreatta, Josefa Pereira, Karin Flores, Leandro Berton, Manon Siv, Margherita Isola, Marina Matheus, Marion Hesser, Marta Soares, Mauricio Alves, Nina Guzzo, Patricia Árabe, Patrícia Bergantin, Paula D’Ajello, Sheila Areas, Sthefferson Lima, Talita Florêncio e Tarina Quelho.





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Diego Agulló

Diego Agulló