The multiplication of bodies

THE DANCING PLAGUE. A collaboration with Jorge Ruiz Abánades.

THE HUMPING PACT is a mission based project by Diego Agulló and Dmitry Paranyushkin. It is a pact between two friends that share the secret perversion of conquering spaces multiplying themselves all over the image and eroticizing reality while simulating the sexual act.

The project started in 2011 during the residency at PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany. Since then we have continued the mission in the cities of Berlin, Copenhagen, Liepaja (Latvia), Brussels, Dro (Italy), Vienna, Gothenborg, Berlin and Frankfurt.

This video was part of SMASH Berlin, intensive training in experimental physical performance. Workshop facilitated by Diego Agulló in collaboration with: Florencia Martina, Barbara Földesi, Lisa Stewart, Garazi Valmaseda, Cajsa Godée, Flurina Dominique, Julia Barrette- Laperriere, Katya Chizhayeva, Kiana rezvani, Lisa Stewart, Marc Saad, michael fleit, Noa Lara Meir, mathilde Strijdonk, Vilte viltimi , Sarah Klene, Prashant More , Casper-Malte, Sara Linck, Sonia Noya .

TANZSTADT HAMBURG, Dancing multitudes in an assembled world. Exhibition at TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND 2014
KAMPNAGEL Theater in Hamburg.
In collaboration with Jorge Ruiz Abánades and Agata Siniarska.
Opening on 27th Feb 2014

THE MARCH OF THE MELON HEADS. A collaboration with Agata Siniarska.2010.