Conversations series at TANZNACHT Berlin

Interplay was a room for reverberations and resonances at TANZNACHT Berlin 2016 Festival in collaboration with Silke Bake.

How does the talk function?

  • It is not an artist talk. The makers of the piece are not necessarily requested to attend the after talk, although they are welcome to witness it. It is important that the after talk does not become an interview with the artist.
  • The piece belongs to everyone. The work that has been presented belongs to the audience as much as to the artists. Everybody can appropriate the work on their own terms without having to be concerned about what was the artist purpose, concept, intentions.
  • The piece is still happening. We are not talking about the piece as if the piece already happened and already finished. The piece must continue happening and the during the after talk we all share the task of keeping alive the piece.
  • It is a collective exercise to expand the horizon of meaning of the piece. We all together make sense and produce meaning: because we talk the piece continues happening. We all choose an aspect or an element  to continue the piece from. It can be a particular moment of the piece, a movement, a sound, an idea, a part of the concept, an object, an atmosphere…

For every conversation we had a guests who would initiate the talk followed by an open discussion with the audience.


Siegmar Zacharias visits „Impossible Forest“ by Jared Gradinger

Peter Pleyer visits „Très bien éclairé“ by Arantxa Martinez

Colette Sadler visits „TRUCKERS AND TRACKERS, Alien unmade“ by Frauke Havemann / ON AIR

Thomas Plischke visits „Speaking about the ghost“ by Alexandre Achour

Alice Chauchat and Louise Trueheart visit „Bounty“ by Sheena McGrandles and Claire Vivianne Sobottke

Kareth Schaffer visits „Between what is no longer and what is not yet” by Juan Dominguez

Jared Gradinger visits „Operation Orpheus“ by Jule Flierl

Sheena McGrandles and Claire Vivianne Sobottke visit „SAY SOMETHING“ by Antonia Baehr, Agata Siniarska, Jeremy Wade, Siegmar Zacharias, and Philipp Gehmacher

Pepe Dayaw visits „Ponderosa Trilogy“ by Peter Pleyer

Kat Válastur visits „Don’t recognize me“ by Hanna Hegenscheidt

Alexandre Achour visits „To Meet“ by Alice Chauchat invites Louise Trueheart

Lee Méir visits „ARCHIV ARBEIT VI“ by Kokana Šanić Koka aka Dragana Bulut.