Book Publication. Componer el plural. Escena, cuerpo, política.

Edited together with Victoria Pérez Royo.

This book contains essays, social and artistic experiments that invite us to train ourselves in the plural and think on ourselves as political bodies: from the intimate encounter to multitudinous proposals, from the protest to the party, from assemblies practices to a policy of inhabiting, that exploring issues such as dynamics, rhythms, statements, demonstrations, and other ways to become ourself. But the book itself is also a kind of laboratory for diversity, in which each of the essays of political theory, theory of performing arts and reflections of the artists find their own space, shaping a plurality of perspectives on a crucial problem: how to think the current political transformations from the idea of a collective body.
Contributions by Santiago Alba Rico, Alice Chauchat, Mª José Cifuentes, Itxaso Corral, Manuel Delgado, Cláudia Dias, Eleonora Fabião, Susan L. Foster, Christine Greiner, Amanda Piña, David Pérez, Victoria Pérez Royo, Paz Rojo, Paulina Chamorro, Fernando Quesada, José A. Sánchez, Amador Savater.

Ediciones Polígrafa – Mercat de les Flors (Colección Cuerpo de Letra), Barcelona, 2016, pp. 31-56. ISBN 9788434313637