Second edition book of Dangerous Dances

Dangerous Dances. Ballein: to throw so as to hit.

Edition of 100 exemplars published by CIRCADIAN
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This text finds the intimate affinity between dance and philosophy in the concept of problem and invites the reader to perceive dance and philosophy as a form of ballistics: the art of throwing. On one hand, this text is an invitation to look at dance not necessarily as an artistic practice but rather as an affirmative force that manifests itself as an expression of the power to turn any domain into a dance floor. On the other hand, this text also understands philosophy as an invitation to dance a problem, or, in other words, philosophy is a practice of choreographing the trajectories of problems.



Danger and Dance
To be in the power of a strange master – The domain of dangerous power – The dangerousness of love – Predictable dances

Ballein: to throw so as to hit
Throwing: the propulsion, the trajectory, the projectile, the target – Hitting: to attack, to attempt, to propel, to achieve – The displacement of a carambole

Words from the root ballein
Dance – Problem – Ballistics – Devil – Symbol – Metabolism – Embolism – Hyperbole

Bringing tempestuous weather
Problematic dances – Choreography and ballistics – Turbulences

Boulesthai: dance and will
Ethics: the art of throwing – Choreographing life trajectories

The torpedo fish
Choreography and ethics – Socrates and the art of problematizing – Problematic encounters – The wonder and the wound

Violence and thinking
Violating the intelligence: when a problem hits you – The boomerang effect: Nietzsche and dance – Affinity with problems – Philosophy means to choreograph problems.

The power of mischief
Ossification – The child at play – Infiltrations and fissures – The certainty of destroying certainties

The dance fatale
Violence as an affirmative force – Dancing the change – Mischievous dances – To end badly – The Mischievous Mission


Published by CIRCADIAN.
Written by Diego Agulló.
First edition of 100 handmade books in August 2015, Berlin.
Second edition of 100 books in January 2017, Berlin.
Special thanks to Agata Siniarska, Igor Dobricic, Dmitry Paranyushkin, Paz Rojo, Jorge Ruiz Abánades, Juan Perno and Javier Andrés Moral.
Edited by Louise Trueheart.
Cover design by Diego Agulló and Jorge Ruiz Abánades.
Text visualization made using Infranodus and Gephi.
This book is part of the research frame of Theoros Project.
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 German License.
ISBN: 978-0-9569569-1-0