Month of Research at Uferstudios

Researching the Month of Research

This group investigates the actual Month of Research itself, starting with questions such as:

  • Why is artistic research possible? Is artistic research important? Is research making the field of art/dance stronger? If yes, then in what way?
  • How can we best communicate the relevance of artistic research?
  • Why or how can research be interesting / relevant for others from the outside?
  • What does research look like when you remove authorship?
  • How does the collective sharing interfere with the research and its process?
  • How does the opening of the research to a public affect the process? How does each group deal with this aspect?

For the sake of strengthening the topic of research as such and reinforcing the idea of collective work, this group works like a „junction” between the other research groups, observing and analyzing different research processes. It should be in constant communication with the different groups of the Month of Research offering questions as inspirations and providing a frame for all the groups to articulate and exchange their process. This can happen through various formats such as events, interventions, interviews, documentary films, moderated debates, anything that can stimulate and challenge the basic questions of collective research. At the same time this groups could also analyze the process of self-organization and the various tools, mechanisms, and paths such a practice employs and generates.

In addition to this activity the group shall discuss and formulate different ways to deal with the questions above. The questions could be guidelines for the group’s own research experiments, also for example, physically in a studio, etc.

Note: The other groups in MoR are not obliged to collaborate with the research group.

Researching the Month of Research Participants:

Simone Mousset, Sasha Amaya, Uri Turkenich, Diego Agulló, Laila Tafur , Daiel Almgrem Recén, Juli Reinartz