Symposium on Transmission of Dance

This event was organized by “Life Long Burning” and Tanzbüro in collaboration with HZT Berlin (Inter-University Centre for Dance) and Uferstudios Berlin on the 3rd week of January 2018.

This lecture proposes a specific practice and describes the different moments of its process including various methodological indications to be applied. This practice is considered here as an artistic practice, not in the sense of what artists do in their professional activity but, rather, as a way of experiencing the political, a way of living and making a world that anyone can do independently of what your profession is. This practice is defined by starting a process whose purpose is to encounter and mix up with otherness and generate something new from that. Therefore, the sine qua non condition of this practice is that it fosters a space of promiscuity, understood not in its meaning of sexual alternation but as what the etymology of the word suggests: the mixed or disordered confusion of different things. It comes from the Latin promiscuus (mixed, stirred, tending to mutual exchange). From the root of this verb also come the words miscellaneous, miscible, interfere, mestizo. The mission is to stimulate promiscuity between what is usually separate to inject the anomaly into the heart of the social order. The artistic (poiesis) of this practice is that it does not aspire to confirm what already exists, nor does it intend to deny or contradict it, but rather through a process of promiscuity and disidentification, from the encounter with the other, in that mixture and confusion , generates something new.
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It should be stressed that this experience in the art of life is not understood here as an autonomous, self-sufficient and individual, nor refers to self-production, but rather the art of living (and dying) is proposed as a world with the others and with the other. It fundamentally involves a co-participation in a tangled game of mutual agitation, or in other words, becoming complicated and entangled with the other. In this way, the poiesis is understood more as a sympoiesis, a “doing with the other”, a “creating with the other”; It is a game of interdependencies and intersections in which the worlds are co-constituted. This essay wishes to invite the reader to apply in his day to day that art of making worlds in common and to understand it inevitably as a practice of staying open to otherness. For this, exercises and methodological indications are proposed, not to be taken literally but to be reformulated and interpreted at each moment depending on the specific conditions and circumstances. In the same way, the reader will decide how many and who will be his accomplices and fellow travelers when it comes to practicing what is proposed next.

This practice seems to tell us that without being open to the other, without being confused with it, without being visited by the other and without visiting it, the public does not acquire real meaning. From this perspective, the public is necessarily understood as that resulting from the transformative process that implies the encounter between the heterogeneous. The concept of promiscuity comes to remind us that, especially in the field of politics, there should be a continuous predisposition to be involved in a process of transformative mixing, that is, a need to confuse different things with the purpose of something else or something new arises from that heterogeneous mixture. Subjectivity has to be understood fundamentally as open reflexivity to alterity and predisposition to disorder. The reason for being of the political in this case is fundamentally a promiscuous practice.


There is an intimate affinity between the promiscuous and the mischief. This text wants to emphasize the need to create unpredictable ways to mix and mess with each other, to go where they do not call us, to intrude and break with everything that pretends to separate and specialize. The model of promiscuity of anomalous practices is a way of exercising and training together without fear of blurring the identities that separate us and willing to play them within a space of indistinction, ambiguity and disidentification where it is no longer known with certainty which groups nor what identities are constituted and where indeterminate zones of neighborhood emerge. Promiscuity means not only mixing different things but also messing up and creating confusion, practicing mischief is being willing to stir, is to give way to revolt.