Silent Listening and Internal Power

The purpose of this practice is double: first, to introduce the principles of Qigong so the participants can develop in a personal way their own practice of cultivation of vital energy and, second, we will apply Qigong for the generation of forms of embodiment where dance can emerge. This technique class provides also a layer of research that consists on deviating from the dogmatic approach of traditional martial arts in order to allow the artistic emergence of something new while investigating the inherent wisdom of the body. For example we will develop an inter-personal embodied technique based on silent listening and also we will experiment creating exercises to trigger dance related movement qualities. The body will be the matter of research based on the principles of relaxation, Dan Tian breathing, heightening awareness, awakening the electro magnetic body, training internal power and the circulation of energy.IMG_6821Research question: how can something new emerge from the practice of Qigong? It is not about preserving the tradition (lineage) but mischieving it. When we say cultivation of vital energy is not only with the purpose of being more healthy or stronger at martial arts but actually a real transformation of the body: becoming something else.4Our bodies are a compendium of multiple sources of movement. Since we were born our bodies have been shaped by all possible inputs, for example practices that we have learned, routines that we have trained, unconscious imitations of movements from people surrounding us, etc, and all these different influences intermingle themselves in a process of promiscuity losing their origins and identities and turning our bodies into an arena with miscellaneous layers. Such a complex reality resists to be named and instead of calling for an identification of every source of input it rather invites us into an exploration of the inherent wisdom of the body and its power to assimilate and transform everything that we learn.IMG_0319

body-wisdom-chiStarting from Nei Gong: training the skills on internal power into external expression or Wei Gong (creating embodiment): instead of starting from the “proper form” (the validated one) we start from discovering what is already there, instead of learning from the teacher (this is not a technique class), my role is to facilitate the awakening of the inherent wisdom through the principles of:

  • Relaxation and softness:  reducing stiffness. Sung: to relax; complete relaxation. Not too tight, not too limp.Elevating body temperature + it opens the channels of conducting electricity. External force is based on tension by contracting the muscles. (song) is the main goal: to relax the physical body because it opens the channels of conducting electricity
  • Breathing flow: the air we take into our lungs is electrically charged. We are not just merely consuming oxygen when we breathe; we are actually charging our body’s cells with electromagnetism. How? only through nose, tongue on the roof of your mouth : inhale the breath comes down along the front body until below the navel and by breathing out the breath comes up through the spine. Breathing in and out we channel the Qi through the meridians: to propose pathways: top of the head to perineum, nipples to laogong, feet into inner legs …( see video)
  • Coordination, adjustment, alignment: “one body part moves, all body parts move” (Body as a gearbox). Balance and standing verticality: maintenance of a centered and balanced structure, straight up spine (and then adjusting the other components: Ability to differentiate separate motor skills, to isolate specific joint movements or muscle groups, or other unique coordination tasks: the joints should move in effortless, coordinated manner. Strong connected root from the ground: feet rooted and head up, 4 corners: Kua (it transfers force from the legs to the torso, and from the torso to the legs, Waist is what you see, but the work is done by the kua. Consider the waist area from the kua, the crease in the two legs, from that portion all the way up to your arm pits. This whole body trunk, this one piece must be expressed, exercised as one piece. Think of this one piece as a round cylinder sitting on top of two legs. It is the function of the kua to coordinate the two legs directing this one cylinder.) + shoulder nests, central channel: lower and middle Dantien
  • Open / closing the lower Dantian (compression and expansion) = it is a battery that accumulates chi. It is the source of movement: explaining with Vectors (pull in + tailbone down  and pull out + tailbone back) . The meditative focus is commonly on cultivating qi in dantian energy centers and balancing qi flow in meridian and other pathways.
  • Meridian flow: Generation, accumulation, flow and circulation of energy (bioelectrical energy): combining successfully control and instinct, exercising intuition and power of the imagination to spread the energy throughout the body and beyond: Expansion of Chi outside, sphere, projection. We must use the imagination.  But that only works if the the qi body is simultaneously felt and imagined.
  • Internal Power: tissue movement.  The exercises and drills connect the body through the fascial meridians. This mass of connective tissue is accelerated through sophisticated movement patterns, like spirals and dantien rotationimg_0762


  • In relation to Identity Politics: it is about dissolving the individual self and becoming a common quality beyond what you are: it is not anymore about the self but about becoming a field of forces, intensities, qualities, a community n flow of energy. 
  • Dissolving one´s own individuality: To become ONE nervous system with your partner ; you stopped being two individuals.
  • training the attention: concentration, focus, alertness, awareness in the instant present = needed to commit to meaning making. and also self knowledge: awareness of one’s own body and what can the body do.
  • Awareness of the power of the organs (NOVALIS). “You gotta train every part of your body” poiesis : the art of combining successfully control and instinct.
  • Exercising INTUITION: amplifying the female powers of the body.
  • Role of the brain/mind = in balance with other body parts: the mind is not the only organ engaged but simply one more: power of the imagination to spread the energy throughout the body.

IQIV0121Up or down,
front or back,
left or right, are all the same.
These are all yi (mind/intention) and not external.
If there is up, there is down;
if there is forward, then there is backward;
if there is left, then there is right.
If the yi wants to move up,
it contains at the same time
the downward idea.JWBM6254

Recent Events: in the frame of ∞OS Practice at Martin Groppius Bau Berlin July 2018.


∞OS /eight-os/ is a free open-source operating system for the bodymind. Its objective is to provide a set of habits, tools and patterns that promote adaptability, resilience and evolutionary development – both on the personal (user) level and in society at large.

The core principle of ∞OS is a wave: a build-up or escalation [1] is followed by conservation (assimilation) [2], which is followed by release [3], followed by reorganization (redirection and dissipation) [4], followed by a new process of escalation (response) [1] – like an ∞ (8).


∞OS is a software that runs on the hardware of the human body and that is the primary scale it operates at. Human body is a vessel for discovering, understanding, storing and transmitting information. Life itself has been shaped by evolution and contains many efficient strategies for dealing with the constantly changing world – both on the micro level (biology) and on the macro level (social dynamics). We distill and extract those principles and then systematize them into coherent frameworks, algorithms and procedures, which can be applied in a variety of contexts: from everyday life and intersubjective relations to management and governance.

In our lab sessions we explore various physical, psychological and behavioral patterns in order to challenge our limits and enhance our perception, endurance and adaptability. We hack our own psyche and physicality, playing with it and surprising ourselves with the new outcomes.

In order to do that, we use various bodymind practices, such as Systema martial art, which trains endurance and adaptability, both on the physical and psychological levels. We also apply principles from many other body / cognitive practices, including Noguchi Taiso, aerodynamics, nonlinear dynamics, motion capture, Butoh, Techno, contemporary dance, network science, biology and life sciences, various technological tools, fiction – everything that can stimulate our imagination and expand our horizons.

To learn more about ∞OS basic principles and how they can be applied in real life, check out Nodus Labs online course “∞OS Body/Mind Operating System: Learning to Modulate Conflict Dynamics” and join our weekly sessions at Adidas Runbase in Berlin.

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