Conversations series at NOTAFE Festival

In collaboration with Annemai Mutso. In the frame of NOTAFE Festival 2016. Photos by Micheal Rowsome.

The idea was to generate a frame for collective conversations and to invite to the talks to local people from Viljandi who were not meant to attend the festival because of various reasons. There were two talks everyday:

– After soup talks: to let the guests bring their perspective about the festival: feedback sessions, exchanging perspectives, discussing about the feeling of inclusion/exclusion…

– After performance talk: we occupied the stage not to talk about the piece but rather to continue it: th epiece is not as something that has already happened and it finished but rather to claim that the piece is still happening in all of us: the piece now exists on us and by speaking together we can make the piece still happening. We wanted to insist that an after talk is not interviewing the artist or asking for an explanation but rather the possibility for a performance to free itself from the will of the author.


NOTAFE is a week-long festival, taking place annually, where about hundred people dive together into the July in Viljandi, Estonia, all triggered by a common attraction – an active attitude concerning one’s body and mind. What’s happening on site is a contemporary-wise school, meaning verbal but also physical dialogue; mental, abstract but also operative, actual curiosity, and shared time and space. The proposition, offered by notafe is a fixed seven-day timetable, freedom of choice included. The program contains different workshops, performances, talks and discussions, meetings with teachers and performers etc.